What is Dynamic Ranking?

Dynamic Ranking is a technology that dramatically improves the search experience by dynamically re-ordering results in response to user signals. Without any change in search behavior, Dynamic Ranking enables users to automatically find relevant results that might otherwise have remained buried deep in the result set. In e-commerce search, Dynamic Ranking lets users quickly and easily find the products they want to buy, producing dramatic increases in sales.

Does Dynamic Ranking work on mobile devices?

Dynamic Ranking is a server-side technology, so it will work with whatever device the user has, whether it's a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Does Rank Dynamics work in all languages?

Dynamic Ranking works with all European languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Russian.

Do I need to be a big business to use Rank Dynamics?

No. All you need is a working search engine. Dynamic Ranking works on any user query for which your search engine matches at least 100 results.

What programming languages does Rank Dynamics support?

The Rank Dynamics server-side API is accessed using HTTP, so you can use any language you like.

How long does it take to add Dynamic Ranking to my search engine?

Integration is as easy as dropping a couple lines of code onto your SERP. Additionally, developers are able to integrate their search engines with the Rank Dynamics server-side API in an hour or two. Rank Dynamics support engineers are happy to assist with integrations.

Are there limits on how much I can use Rank Dynamics?

Access is rate-limited based on the calling server's IP address. API access is rate limited to 100 queries per minute. If you need to exceed that rate limit, please contact us.

How does Rank Dynamics ensure the privacy of our users?

No registration, login or cookies are required by any users to use any of our services. Users are identified by assigning a temporary, random, anonymized large ID number. Rank Dynamics is never informed of a user's personal information such as their name or email address. Information received by Rank Dynamics is limited to queries and clicked search results. This information is never shared with third parties. Rank Dynamics does not store cookies in the user's browser, and it does not read cookies from the user's browser. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

How much does it cost?

Contact Us to learn more.